CIA AdjustableLoop Face Mask

CIA AdjustableLoop Face Mask

The CIA logo can speak for you in a brand new way when you wear the CIA Adjustable Loop Face Mask. It is a 2 ply, lightweight polyester/cotton blend with black, adjustable bands for maximum comfort. These masks measure 5.7" from top to bottom and 8.4" from side to side (excluding the loops). They are breathable, comfortable, washable, and fade-resistant wash after wash. 


Remeber that fabric masks are not surgical grade and are thus not a replacement for proper heigene or medical care. CIA Boys' Club masks make no provision for your health and safety when wearing this or any mask and suggests that, with prayer and keenness of mind, act in a way that is in line with biblical truth.

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    Returns are not accepted for this item once the plastic packaging has been opened.